Leah Ashford

Leah was unwillingly drug to a yoga class by her mother about 5 years ago and she was not impressed to say the least.  Her mother was persistent and knew what Leah needed, as mothers often do.  As time went on the yoga began to do what the yoga does…Leah started to notice herself changing, relationships improving, she felt the bottomless pit if emptiness inside of her being filled.  She wanted more and she got it.  Leah began practicing under the watchful eye of Jennifer Ciarimboli, her beloved teacher and mentor.  Jennifer saw something in Leach that she could not see in herself and suggested she enroll in the Twin Cities Yoga Collective Teacher Training.  Leah’s classes are upbeat, fun and challenging.  She takes great pride in her energetic playlists and flowing sequences.  Classes are focused on linking breath and movement, experiencing ease in effort and finding freedom in one’s body and mind.