Melt Hot Yoga

Melt Hot Yoga is the first ever hot yoga studio in Luzerne County. We offer a state of the art heating and humidification system from Canada to make sure the condition in the room is perfect. When the room becomes too hot, fresh air is pumped in to recirculate and refresh.

The floor in the Yoga Room is from the German company Zebra Mats. Each mat is covered in a tatami textured vinyl and features an anti-skid bottom for stability.

The tatami textured surface offers superior traction to a hard wood floor for difficult yoga poses. It will not absorb odors and is easy to keep clean.

Our floors in reception are covered in Forbo Flotex, a fiber floor that meets ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards. It contains over 50% recycled content in the final product. Flotex, being waterproof, is far more durable, safer, more hygienic and easier to clean than traditional carpets because it is completely washable like a smooth floor covering.

Melt Hot Yoga offers complete shower/changing facilities for men and women.